• I need a home: Berry
  • I need a home: Mariska
  • I need a home: Ned
  • I need a home: Maeve
  • I need a home: Reagan
  • I need a home: Pharaoh
  • I need a home: Alonso
  • I need a home: Dancer
  • I need a home: Lance
  • I need a home: Milo

About HUG

HUG is a registered charity located in the Republic of Ireland which aims to find loving homes for retired racing greyhounds, and to promote a positive image of the breed as pets throughout Ireland and beyond. Run by a small team of dedicated volunteers, we work towards the day when no greyhound is destroyed for lack of a home.
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Greyhounds as pets

Although not widely known in Ireland, most greyhounds are docile, quiet, even-tempered, and adore the company of people and other animals. Greyhounds are friendly, low-energy, affectionate dogs who thrive on human companionship and usually adapt very quickly to retirement and the lifestyle of a pet dog!
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Adopt a greyhound

Every year, thousands of Irish greyhounds are retired from the racing industry due to lack of speed, disinclination to chase, injury or age. HUG always has a wide range of dogs available for adoption, of varying ages, sizes, colours and temperaments, please click the link below to view the profiles of our current dogs.
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