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Please Note: HUG only adopts dogs into homes where the dog will live as part of the family, which means sleeping indoors at night and not being left outdoors for prolonged periods without supervision.

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Most of our dogs tend to be between 1 and 5 years of age although occasionally we rehome older dogs. Do you have an age preference?
If you are suitable, would you like to be considered for two greyhounds, to be companions for each other?
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Have you or anyone in your family ever been convicted of abusing or being cruel to an animal?
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Do you have or have you had, any health issues or conditions which may affect the type of dog you feel would be suitable for you?
If you have already had a homecheck from another rescue please give the details here (including the approximate date) as we may not need to do another homecheck.
If you have, or have had animals before, which veterinary practice do/did you use? Are you are happy for us to contact them about you if we wish to?
Do you have a timescale in mind for adopting a dog?
Is there any other information which would be useful to us?

I understand that if I rehome a dog he/she is to be rehomed as a house pet and is not to be kept kenneled or chained up. He/she will be a companion and not a guard dog or a racing or hunting dog. HUG will retain overall ownership of the dog and reserves the right to reclaim the dog if it is not being fed, housed or cared for satisfactorily. Should I ever need to find another home for the dog I will consult HUG about this before making any other arrangements for the dog: *
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I understand that although HUG will provide all relevant information about the dog a complete history is not always available: *
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