There are thousands of young healthy greyhounds destroyed in Ireland every year. Many are killed inhumanely. Many more are surrendered into dog pounds where they are kept for only a few days before being destroyed. Often greyhounds are not even kept that long, as the people at the dog pounds know no-one will want them. There are also thousands of other healthy dogs destroyed every year. There are many other huge animal welfare issues. Hare coursing and fur farming are still legal and puppy farming is big business.

Ireland has made huge economic progress in recent years, but there is little progress for animals. If you are concerned about this you can add your voice to help, and to support the people who are trying to change things for these animals in Ireland by lobbying for effective legislation for animals. Please look at the website of ANVIL (Animals Need a Voice in Legislation) at ANVIL Ireland to read more about it. There are several ways in which you can help or get involved. Please add your voice! Or please contact HUG if you have any questions or ideas about what we can do to help greyhounds in Ireland.

Heather was found in County Kerry in Ireland in 2004, bleeding from her ears which had been cut off. It was thought someone had tried to kill her by euthanizing her then removed her ears to remove her identifying tattoos (which are tattooed into greyhounds ear flaps) before dumping her in a field. But Heather did not die. She regained consciousness and was found wandering by someone who contacted Amanda who rescued her. Amanda nursed Heather back to health before finding a very special home for her in the UK with Rona from Greyhound Rescue West of England.

Heather is now a happy and much loved girl. She lives a normal life except that she needs to wear a head covering in bad weather to keep the cold and rain out of her ear canals. Heather is now an ambassador for abused and rescued greyhounds and goes to many shows and events including Crufts every year, to tell and show people her story. Another greyhound with her ears cut off made headline news in a newspaper in Waterford, Ireland in April 2006. This barbaric practice continues to happen.

For more information please visit the website of the Greyhound Rescue Association of Ireland.