Reserved for Italy: Big Tyson

HUG welcomes Big Tyson into the fold!! If big lads are your thing then Big Tyson is your man! He weighs in at over 90lbs and is 30 inches to the shoulder.

Now Big Tyson can be quite strong on the lead but once settled into a stroll he relaxes and enjoys his walk. He has a lovely temperament and is great with other greyhounds. Big Tyson is also good with older children. We would only recommend this as smaller children would be bowled over by him…

Big Tyson has only know kennel life and is good with other greyhounds but would need to be introduced sensibly to other breeds. Big Tyson is used to a muzzle so we would recommend the new owner to use it when out walking him during his socialisation period.

He met a small collie cross today and just wanted to smell what she was!! There was no aggression, he was just curious.

If you would like Big Tyson in your life then please complete our online adoption application.

Adoption fee and homecheck apply.

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  1. Christiane Petzold

    I am from Germany and trough a friend of mine ( Melanie Maya) I heard from your Website and from Greyhounds. We are a family with kids, a cat and a little dog (male 6years old). We are living in a house with garden and so we can look for a greyhound (I love big dogs with a great character).
    We have time to find the right one. After January we have time to help a greyhound to find his place in our family. I hope you can find one who fits into our family. The character is more important than the colour of his hair.
    Thanks a lot.
    Christiane Petzold

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