Reserved for the UK: Carrie

Meet the beautiful Carrie. Carrie has not had the best life and she has a large scar on the top of her head from a previous injury which effects her ear. When putting a collar on her yesterday she was very nervous and did everything she could to get away. We would advise with Carrie that a harness is used so there is no pressure around her neck. This girl is such a sweetheart….she needs time to trust and get to know you, but once she does she holds a beautiful smile and a very waggy tail. She loves people but will need basic training and lots of interaction with other breeds of dog and humans. Carrie is a tiny dot and is about 23 inches to the shoulder, she has a lovely thick black coat. If you would like to give Carrie a loving home then please get in touch by completing our online adoption application.

Homecheck and adoption fee apply.

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