I need a home: Christy

Colour: Fawn
Date of Birth: 03/04/2012
Sex: Male
General Temperament: A mild mannered, gentle greyhound
Temperament around children: Very mild mannered around children of all ages
Temperament around other breeds: Has been socialised with a 12 year old greyhound and a 1 year old greyhound over the past 3 months and is very calm in their company,
Temperament around cats: Not cat friendly
Other information: A greyhound who loves nothing more than laying about relaxing, Adores human interaction especially belly and head rubs, A right attention seeker, A big strong but extremely loving greyhound, A beautiful greyhound in looks, charm and personality, Should make a wonderful pet and he has some experience of living in a home environment since retirement, Adores sleeping on a couch when allowed,
Height: 70cms
Weight: Approx. 84lbs

Please complete our online adoption application if you are interested in adopting Christy.

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