I need a home: Errol

Meet the delicious Errol. Errol is 13 weeks old and has broken his back leg. Errol is looking for his forever home and whilst he is very cute in these pictures he will need someone who is around most of the day. He is reasonably quiet for a pup…he is very sociable boy and gets on with all breeds and does not seem bothered by cats either. Errol has broken his tibia bone in his back leg and this will heal well. He will be in a cast for 4-5 weeks and should make a full recovery. He is nearly house trained, he sleeps through the night with the other hounds in his foster home and likes to snuggle in tight. So homing him with another hound would be an advantage. He loves running with toys and playing tug of war…. If you would like to give Errol a loving home then please get in touch with us by completing our online adoption application.

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