Reserved for Ireland: Fiona

Meet the lovely Fiona. Fiona is about 3.5 years old and is looking for her forever home. She is a tiny dot, only 25 inches to the shoulder. Fiona is currently in foster and doing very well. Fiona is very friendly and affectionate and loves to have cuddles with you.

She enjoys her walks and is very good on the lead. Fiona has a very good appetite and loves to curl up on a comfy bed. Fiona is currently in foster with three cats and another greyhound who is teaching her how to behave in a home. This little girl is curious and likes to explore as she has not lived outside a kennel environment before but has adapted quickly to home comforts

If you would like Fiona to join your family then please get in touch by completing our online adoption application. A home check and adoption fee apply

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  1. I was wondering which country this is in because I live in a country with not a lot of good greyhound adoptions, plus I’m interested in Fiona. I would have probably adopted one if my parents let me, if it’s close by I might convince my them.

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