I found a home: Hope

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This beautiful girl is looking for a foster or permanent home urgently. Hope had been living as a stray for a number of years, and was recently spotted with her latest litter of 6 collie X puppies. With much patience a lady was able to catch her and gather up the pups – 5 of which have now found loving new homes. Hope is a medium sized lurcher, her hairy coat being very similar to that of a Wolfhound, and she is currently in the temporary care of a veterinary practice. Hope seems to be a gentle dog, but at the moment is very timid and unsure of her new surroundings. Hope will need a quiet home to help her adjust, preferably with another dog for company to make her feel more secure. If you would like to offer Hope a home then please email info@homesforunwantedgreyhounds.ie or fill in our online application form.

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  1. Mags Condon

    I would love to know a bit more about this beautiful girl..Do you have any idea how old she is? The only reason I ask is that I have 2 dogs already. Lucy is a 14 year old rescued greyhound and Jen a 7 year old springer. Both were extremely nervous when the arrived. They are now fine with people they know but still wary of strangers. As Lucy is getting to the geriatric stage I wouldn’t be able to commit to another dog reaching the same stage of life. It wouldn’t be fair on any of them. I have 2 cats also but they are kept separate to the dogs. The dogs are out in a secure garden all day (the cats don’t go out on account of a busy road). The dogs come in around 5pm and the cats are confined to the back porch & bathroom until bedtime. The dogs sleep in the front porch. They are exercised each day and get a couple of hours over the fields twice a week. No kids in the house. Do you know what Hope is like with other dogs? Lucy is very laid back but Jen could be a bit jealous if she looks for too much attention from me.

    • Hi Mags,
      Thanks for your interest in Hope. I don’t have too many details about her, I think she was found straying and we therefore don’t know a lot about her history. If you fill in our online application form, then our homing coordinator will get in touch with more details.

      Thanks again,
      HUG volunteer

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