Reserved for the UK: Izzy

The best things come in the smallest parcels – say hello to little Izzy. With her gorgeous amber eyes Izzy is a beautiful, petite girl standing only 23.5″ to the shoulder, and weighing just 19.5kgs. At 19 months of age Izzy has never raced, and can be quite shy of new surroundings and people, and easily spooked by sudden movements. Izzy is a lot more confident when she has her brother by her side, so would be best suited to a home with another dog. Izzy will be moving to a foster home soon where she can slowly experience new sights and smells, and get to meet other dogs and people.

If you would like to adopt Izzy then please get in touch by either contacting us on the HUG Page or completing our online adoption questionnaire.

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  1. mahad ibraahim

    I want to adopt a greyhound as emotion support dog, I always loved to have greyhound dog in my life, what I need to adopt a greyhound in required, I live in sweden.

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