I found a home: Jemima

HUG has a new puppy on the block. 12 week old Jemima is a non registered full greyhound puppy. Jemima suffered a break on one of her back legs so was asked by her owners for HUG to find her a new home.

The leg has healed in a very awkward fashion and it does not support Jemima fully. The injury has been examined by vets who explained that the bones in the leg have fused together and as Jemima is in not in any pain it is best to allow Jemima to grow and see how the leg develops.

It is possible that if the leg later impacts on Jemima’s development and movement it may need to be amputated at a later date.

Jemima is currently in foster and is behaving like a typical puppy. Jemima loves her toys and her toilet training is going well.

Could you give Jemima a loving forever home? If so please get in touch by completing our online adoption application.

Home check and adoption fee applies

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  1. i wish I could adopt her but I’m in new York:( always wanted a black pup

  2. Argh! She’s so gorgeous! She’s got such a friendly face! How bad is her leg? My mum had a dog years ago who had something similar happened to him, and he had trouble keeping up with her other dogs, and they were always worried about him injuring it (poor thing had very little feeling in it, but the vet wasn’t keen on amputation).

    • Her leg doesn’t appear to bother her too much, she runs and plays quite normally. It is something that should be monitored as she develops but we don’t foresee it preventing her from living a full healthy life.

      Thanks so much,
      HUG volunteer

  3. Corinna Tantzen

    Hello, I would like to adopt Jemima with pleasure and It is also no problem for me tha she has an injured leg.
    I live in germany , but maybe you work together with a Partner association in germany about which an adoption would be possible.
    Under circumstances I would organise a collection. Thank you for your help. Yours sincerely Corinna Tantzen

    • Hi Corinna,
      Have you been in touch with our secretary Karen already about this?
      Thanks so much,
      HUG volunteer

  4. Stacie kreiser

    Do you do international adoptions?

    • In some cases we do, it depends on the intended country and we require a rescue group in your local area to carry out a homecheck and backup support for any international adoptions. Please email info@homesforunwantedgreyhounds.ie with any further queries.

      Thanks so much,
      HUG volunteer

  5. Rachael Dowling

    Hi , I just saw jemima and wanted to let u know if her adoption fall through in Germany I would love to take her . I have recently had to say goodbye to my pal of 15 years and I feel I could give her the home she needs . Thank you Rachael

  6. alexandra adams

    I have just lost my beautiful 11yr old great dane. I live alone and wd love another companion. I am v quiet but love walking and socialising. She wd b an indoor dog and travel in the car w me. I live in west cork. Cd u plse consider me…tx

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