I found a home: Kirky

Kirky is a lovely black boy who was born September 2012. Kirk is currently in foster with 3 other greyhounds, a collie and spaniel cross. Kirk is great on a lead only gets excited when he sees rabbits or squirrels. When approached by other dogs he is quite calm even if the other dogs are not. Kirk loves his people and while he wont approach you directly he approaches you sideways for head rubs and cuddles. Kirk does have some springs in his legs so good high walls are a must. Its not that he is looking to escape but he would like to go with you when you go out so best not leave objects against a wall that would help him get over a barrier. Kirk is very clean in the house, is crate trained and has a good appetite. All in all the boy is a fab dog. If you would like to adopt this lovely boy then please get in touch with us by completing our online adoption application.

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