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Prepare yourselves for the cutest little Christmas elf in town! Meet Luke, a tiny wee guy who comes to us after liberation from a rough start in life, but is full of tag wags and kisses for all! He is approximately three months old and likely a whippet cross or very small greyhound lurcher pup who is currently only around 3.5 kilos and not likely to grow to a huge size. Due to early malnourishment, his front legs are a bit bowed, but he has no mobility issues and hopefully with some proper food they may straighten in time. He is very friendly and loves nothing more than cuddling with anyone who will hold him, which is rather addictive! Anyone interested in adopting Luke should fill in our online adoption form. Adoption will be contingent on a home check and agreement to have him neutered when he reaches an appropriate age.

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  1. Annette Unbeck

    Love Little Luke!
    I live in Sweden,member in Neverneverland. Big house, 2 small dogs big garden. Love animals. Luke is wonderful.❤

    • Hi Annette,
      Thanks for your interest in Luke. Due to his very small size and health issues we are hoping to find a home for him in Ireland, as a long journey would not be suitable for him at this point.
      Thanks again,
      HUG volunteer

  2. Annette Unbeck

    Hm, sad to hear that. I want to take vare of him. Wish him all the best.

  3. I shall be moving to Ireland in a couple of months. I am buying a house in the country as I have two horses and a GSD already. My GSD is just nine and gets on well with all types, from JR to collies to beagles to setters. She has reached a point in her life when it would be nice for her to have a companion on the couch:)
    I am looking for a calm dog who only wants a place to snooze and fresh air on tap.

    • Hi Cheryl,

      Thanks for your interest in Luke. We will likely have him in a new home within the next month, and from your description of your situation, an adult greyhound sounds like an ideal companion for your GSD as they are very fond of snoozing! Being a young pup, Luke is very busy and opinionated at the moment and he’s driving my four year old greyhound to distraction constantly wanting to play and cavort! Please get in touch with us once you are settled and I’m sure we can find a perfect dog for your situation.

      Thanks so much,
      HUG volunteer

  4. Hi I am so interested in this little guy if he is still available? Me and my boyfriend are looking for a pet and were hoping to get this type of puppy. He will live in the house with us, we both work in a equestrian estate so there will be plenty of room for him without him getting near to any roads .

    Please let me know if he is available
    Thank you so much!


    • we live in adare co. Limerick

    • Hi Olivia,

      Thanks very much for your interest in Luke, he is still available at this point. I’m fostering him at the moment and he’s full of puppy vim and vigor, but also loves to cuddle on your lap at any chance! I see you have filled in our adoption application, so someone should be in touch shortly to arrange a home visit.

      Thanks again,
      HUG volunteer

  5. Thank you so much !

  6. Hello, has this little guy been homed? 🙂

    • Hi Blainaid,
      Thanks for your interest in Luke! He is still in his foster home and we have received a number of applications for him so we expect he will be homed shortly.

      Thanks again,
      HUG volunteer

  7. Andrew Roberts

    I submitted a homing request yesterday. We would be interested in discussing homing either this dog or another if you think that more suitable. Many thanks. We are located near Castlegregory in Kerry.

    • Hi Andrew,
      Thanks for your interest in Luke. We have had several applications for him already so we expect he will be homed shortly. We have many new dogs coming in at the moment so I hope we can find a suitable dog for your situation.

      Thanks again,
      HUG volunteer

  8. Andrew Roberts

    Thanks, I will wait to hear from you about home checking and next steps.

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