I found a home: Mustang

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Mustang (Muzzy) is at most 3 years old. He was brought into vets May 6th after accidentally eating rat poison. He was very sick initially but made a full recovery. Unfortunately his family didn’t want him back. He is great around children and he’s excellent with the kids in his current foster home.

Report from his foster home: He is a beautiful dog. His temperament is fantastic. He would let Lucy push him aside & start eating his food. I was able to move his bowl while he was eating. He adored the company of my 2 greyhounds – always giving Lucy little kisses when we’d be out walking.  He also has settled very well with other breeds of dogs.  I wasn’t sure about small dogs but then a little JRT off lead came up to him while I was taking a break on a bench in the park and he just wagged his tail and let JRT sniff him all over. He does get excited around cats.

He started walking quite well on a harness but needs training to walk on lead & collar.  He’s house trained and getting used to traveling in the car. He loves people!! Typical hound who just loves human company and affection.

Very playful so would be a fabulous family pet. Very clever too so I think would be very easy to train – could be a fab agility dog.

He is neutered, microchipped and has his pet passport!!

If you are interested in adopting Mustang, please fill in our online adoption application.

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