Reserved for the UK: Nidge

HUG welcomes Nidge, this is what her owner says about her…

The dog we have for re-homing is called Nidge, (racing name Fairway Rusty) she is a small mainly white with some brindle, she is full of character, she can be a bit jumpy, I think its because she gets so excited to see someone.

Her mother was exactly the same before she became our house pet, and now is a complete couch potato and so laid back and relaxed the transformation in the mother took about six months and I believe Nidge will be exactly the same, so I think she needs someone who will give her the time to adjust to life indoors.

She is brilliant with other dogs and plays daily with our other house pet George the Cocker Spaniel and our neighbours two terriers. She is good with children when she has been given a bit of time to calm down before she meets them.

Date of Birth 4th October 2013.

If you are interested in adopting Nidge, please complete our online adoption application form.
Homecheck and adoption fee apply.

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