Reserved for the UK: Tiny

Tiny (Pine Lark) is a friendly black girl with a white tuxedo chest, and was born in April 2013. She is approx 26″ to the shoulder and weighs 28kgs so, unlike her name, she isn’t that small. Tiny has been around children and larger breeds of dog, although she was a bit over awed by the large male German Shepherd at the vets. She will get to meet other dogs whilst in our care. Loves to meet people and gives kisses. Tiny has come into the care of HUG this week after her owner passed away. She has a thick kennel coat at the moment, but that will soon shed out over the next few weeks. If you would like to adopt Tiny then please get in touch by completing our online adoption application.

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  1. Claudia cullen

    I would love to adopt this dog, my grandfather used to own greyhounds and I am completely in love with them. Me and my fiancée really want to adopt as we believe it would make a lovely addition to our family.

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