In Loving Memory of Driocht

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Sadly, HUG’s beautiful sponsor girl Driocht recently went to the rainbow bridge, and this is written in her memory.

HUG is committed to all the dogs it rehomes for their entire lives. Breac and Driocht were homed a few years ago, but their owner had to emigrate and wasn’t in a position to take the dogs with them. The owner was heartbroken at having to give their dogs up, but knew it was the best option for them in the circumstances. Breac and Driocht were very attached to each other, but it soon became clear that finding a home for a pair of elderly hounds was going to be very difficult. Separating them was not an option, and they soon settled in to their foster home. As they had made themselves so comfy, it was eventually decided to keep them as long term fosters, and place them on the Sponsor scheme to help with any future medical care during their retirement. Driocht was the more timid of the two and liked to stay close to Breac. She could be spooked fairly easily by loud noises, and plastic bags blowing in the wind, but with some quiet reassuring words she would soon calm down. Driocht was a sensitive soul, but once she trusted you she would approach for head rubs and cuddles. One day she decided it was too windy outside so she stayed in her basket and covered her head! Driocht had a funny way of letting you know when she wanted something, she would stand in front of you, ears to the side and air snap. She did this if she thought it was time for you to get up or if she wanted to go out for a walk. A walk with Driocht could take a bit of time as she liked to have a good sniff every couple of feet. Apparently, going on a walk is like reading the newspaper to a dog, as they get so much information from the scents they smell on their walk. Well if that is true then Driocht used to read the newspaper from cover to cover, even the small ads! She was very lucky to live next door to Killarney National Park and Muckross House to enjoy lovely walks through the woods, and a paddle in the lake. She also did her bit for other greyhounds by attending HUG collection days and posing as the perfect poster dog for the Facebook page updates. Driocht also made it into the HUG 2017 calendar, on the page insert for January. Up until recently Driocht had a good appetite, enjoyed her walks, and was generally in good form for her age. She then developed a soft cough, and became slow on even the shortest of walks. Upon an xray to examine why her breathing had suddenly become very laboured, Driocht was found to have numerous cancerous lumps in her lungs, and the decision was made to let her go peacefully. The foster family miss their golden girl, she was a lovely affectionate dog and was always smiling as only a greyhound can! HUG would like to thank all of Driocht’s sponsors for their support, and send a special thank you to Clare and Bernard who ensured that Driocht had the best life in her twilight years. Rest in peace sweetheart <3 xx

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