In Loving Memory of Marley

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MarleyMarley came into rescue a few days before Christmas in 2006, along with 5 of his brothers and sisters. It didn’t take long for the foster home to notice that Marley had a tendency to bump into things, and a vet check revealed he was 90% blind. Marley was placed on our Sponsor scheme, and became a permanent foster hound. His blindness and grumpiness made it difficult for him to be re-homed, and there was also the possibility of further veterinary care for his eyes.

Marley managed to cause quite a bit of havoc for a blind dog! One hot day he dug up an entire flower bed in order to find a lovely cool spot in which to lie! And on another occasion his foster Mum was startled by a large crash in the dining room, followed by much yelping. They rushed in to find a rather shocked, wet, blind greyhound looking decidedly bemused by events. A radiator was lying on the dog bed, and warm water was spurting from the pipework. It seemed Marley must have caught his foot under the radiator whilst lying on his back, and pulled the whole thing off the wall when he stretched his legs!

Then there was the tendency to decide which bed he was going to lie in, and he would lie down regardless of who was already occupying it… despite grumpy protestations from any current occupant Marley would lie down anyway – he was a very big boy!

Over the coming years Marley settled in well, and he even developed the art of opening the back door to let all the hounds out into the garden! Not bad for a blind boy. However, Spring 2011 saw a difficult spell for Marley as he developed a problem with one of his eyes. The usual opaque look inside his left eye developed a reddish tinge so there was obviously some bleeding going on within the eye. It was decided that the best long term option for Marley was to remove the eye. His recovery was uneventful and by a week after the op he began to seem way more cheerful than he had been for several weeks. He was soon back rolling in the clumps of reeds in the field.

In 2013 Marley become an Irish Therapy dog! Greyhounds are excellent for this work due to their calm and gentle nature. Marley gained in confidence every week and thoroughly enjoyed his weekly sessions with the disabled people. He needed a bit of extra guidance around the wheelchairs of course, but he was greatly loved and appreciated for his efforts, and the extra stroking and head rubs every week was right up his street.

Sadly, during 2014 Marley developed problems with his kidneys and spine, and after extensive veterinary care the decision was made to let him go peacefully. At nearly 10 years old Marley had enjoyed a good life, one he never would have experienced if HUG hadn’t rescued him and his siblings. The foster home is a lot emptier without the big bumbling boy, but his foster Mum will always be forever grateful to the Sponsors who enabled Marley to have the life he deserved.