In loving memory of Rusty

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It is with great sadness we mark the passing of Rusty, HUG sponsor hound who has been enjoying his golden years with Jim and Jo in Co. Cork as a long-term foster. Here is his story:

Rusty – Our Golden Oldie
His race name was “Movealong Charm” and he had a long career on the tracks in Ireland and the UK, after which he was put to stud. He found a lovely retirement sofa with Richie and Sonya and their cocker spaniel in Carlow when he was nearly eleven. Last Christmas, GRAI colleague Kathy Gorman got in touch with the association members, because starting a new job for Richie in the New Year meant that Rusty would be a home alone dog for far too long during the day. Sadly and reluctantly they knew they needed to find a new home for him  the spaniel was easily placed, but as is often the case for greys Rusty seemed to be too big.
Taking on any elderly dog is a big decision to take. You can’t get pet insurance and the vet bills will likely start to roll in very soon, so we knew it wouldn’t be easy to find him a new sofa. “Movealong” was an apt monicker in Rusty’s case.
His first stroke of luck was that our super dedicated foster parents Janet and Dan in Dublin city were ready for a new hound, so we organised for them to collect Rusty directly from Carlow. Why do I say super dedicated? Imagine having to put on your coat, get into the lift and leave the building every time your hound needs to go out. Janet and Dan live in an apartment, so we wondered how Rusty would do. Brilliantly, as it happened it seems he s a very adaptable chap. Within a few days it became apparent that the “Charm” part of his name was even more apt, and once again Janet and Dan were smitten. I got to sample Rusty’s charm myself when he became my house guest while Janet and Dan went on a short trip. He has half a tail which he wags as enthusiastically as if it were full length, he loves his treats, is clean, calm and easy going round the house and there’s nothing wrong with his eyesight and hearing. His back end is a little wobbly at times and when out walking with you he has a tendency to lean over against your leg. He also does this when you get stopped by people who want to meet him. He was only with me for a couple of days, but he charmed me too. Meanwhile, we put his details on our website as a special appeal hound, only to have one of our volunteers, Jim, ask for more details and offer a permanent foster sofa for him. We suggested that he discuss taking him on with wife Jo as they already had four hounds (including Irish Therapy hound Dudley) of their own. We pointed out that HUG would be happy to sponsor him so that Mr. “Charm” would not have to be a “Movealong” hound again. Happily, Jo was willing, and so, just after Easter and a few weeks after Rusty’s twelfth birthday, Rusty joined his new pack in Co. Cork and has claimed a sofa and another two hearts for himself.

Thank you so much to Jo and Jim for making his last years so special, and also to Janet and Dan for his early time in foster.



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