About HUG

Welcome to HUG!

Our Mission

  • To promote the care and well-being of greyhounds in Ireland, and beyond
  • To improve the care and conditions in which many greyhounds in Ireland are kept and to enhance their status as companion animals
  • To work towards a time when no greyhound in Ireland is destroyed for the lack of a home
HUG is a registered charity based in Ireland which aims to find loving homes for retired Irish racing greyhounds and promote a positive image of the breed as pets throughout Ireland.

Every year, thousands of greyhounds enter the racing industry in Ireland, yet many are retired quite young due to injury or sheer lack of speed. While still healthy, vibrant dogs, they find themselves unwanted if they are not earning prize money. With a lifespan of between 12-14 years, every greyhound deserves a forever home to enjoy their retirement with comfort, dignity and companionship.

Greyhounds are calm, quiet and docile dogs who crave the comfort of a soft bed or couch almost as much as the company of their people. Affectionate and gentle natured, they soon bond with their adopted family, and easily adapt to life in a home.

HUG is run completely by a small team of dedicated volunteers who organise the day-to-day care and transport of the greyhounds, including liaising with trainers who wish to surrender dogs, arranging veterinary visits, coordinating transport logistics of dogs traveling to foster or forever homes, carrying out home visits, answering phone calls and email queries.

If you are interested in adopting a greyhound please visit our Facebook page to review our current list of available dogs or complete our no-obligation Adoption Application, and a HUG representative will be in touch to discuss your situation and requirements.