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I went to bed exhausted and woke up with a vision

Recently we had our 4th Annual Celebrating Greyhounds Jamboree here in
Kerry. It’s a lot of work and organising but also a whole lot of fun – lots of
houndy folk get together for a weekend (with their greys, of course) and do
walks, meals together, listen to talks, etc. Our 5th Jamboree will be held for
the first time on the east coast of Ireland instead of Kerry, all good hound-
folk welcome so come along and join us!!

So on Monday night when it was all over I fell into bed in a state of total
exhaustion, unusually slept like a log, and woke up this morning with a

Since writing my article (above) we have had a lovely family build a six-
kennel block for HUG hounds on their land. The greys are very well looked
after, taken for long walks and given lots of care and attention. Even so,
though, kennels are still kennels… which is where my vision comes into the

I’m picturing a house, a 2 storey house. Maybe a former small hotel or guest
house with quite a few rooms. Accommodation for people upstairs and
all the rooms downstairs turned into doggy sitting rooms. Tiled floors, old
settees and armchairs in every room, dividers to split rooms into halves if
need be, each room painted in a different bright colour and hounds in ‘the
green room,’ for example, having nice green collars and leads. Easy access
to individual sheltered outdoor areas so hounds could go outside for spells
during the day and while their rooms were being cleaned, and a couple of
enclosed fields for walking, free running, agility and training…

There’s also a kitchen area for food preparation, laundry, etc, and a sitting
room/information area for folk to come and have coffee while meeting a few

Upstairs are several areas of living accommodation. A main area for the
person in charge to be staying (this wouldn’t even need to be a permanent
person but could rotate weekly, monthly, or as necessary). And extra rooms

for visiting helpers to stay when volunteering for a week or three months…

In short, I want to forget the concept of kennels and go for one big huge
foster home for our HUG hounds. With the economy in Ireland in such a
state there are loads of properties selling cheaply, even half-finished places
that builders can’t sell but which we could buy up and finish to our own

This isn’t a mad idea, well, only a bit… and I really believe that it is totally do-
able. A huge foster home for houndies to be happy, relaxed and learn how to
live in a home while awaiting their new family to take them to their forever

THAT’S my vision. And we’re going to make it come true.

Well, maybe not EXACTLY like this – there are some more sensible folk
amongst our group to keep the mad ones in check We are at present doing
some serious research as to what is the best plan for our HUG Hounds’ Home,
low cost and low maintenance but also giving the hounds as happy a life as is
possible while they are in our care.

If you would like to help us to build our home for HUG hounds please join
our ‘Challenge One Hundred’ Buildings Fund by working on any fundraising
project you can think of to raise ‘one hundred’ of whatever currency you use
where you live. 100 euro, pounds, dollars… we don’t mind!! And, of course,
less than 100 is just brilliant too

Onward and upward once more