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    1. Hi Kirsty, Sorry I didn’t see your comment until now. Yes, we frequently re-home dogs to the UK, often through Kent Greyhound Rescue or another group depending on location. Whereabouts are you living? Please fill out our online adoption form and then our homing coordinator will be in touch.

      Thanks so much,
      HUG volunteer

  1. Hello there,

    Do you rehome dogs to Canada? I travel to Ireland approximately once per year and am interested in adoption


    1. Hi Ashley,
      Thanks for your message. We have re-homed one dog to Canada so far, and are investigating the possibilities of future adoptions within North America. I am actually Canadian myself, living in Ireland the past 4 years. What province do you live in? It is simpler to transport a dog if there is a person traveling with them, so if you’re going to be coming to Ireland we could probably make arrangements. Could you please fill out our online application form to get the process started? It would be great to see more Irish dogs in Canada, we have not nearly enough homes for them all here!

      Thanks again,
      HUG volunteer

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