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thank you for your support during lockdown**Covid-19 Notice**

After 20 years in operation, we know that it is crucial to carefully assess each home offer to have the best chance of making a successful match between a dog and their new family. Due to ongoing safety precautions for Covid-19, we are conducting home checks as a video call to view your home and yard, and discuss your specific situation. We take great care in the conducting a bespoke matching process between adopters and the dogs waiting for homes. We offer support that consists of pre-adoption information and post-adoption mentoring to facilitate a smooth transition from being working dogs to becoming loved pets. It takes time to complete this process with our small team of volunteers, especially in the current limiting circumstances, so please bear with us as we try to answer all queries.

At this time, we are unable to adopt greyhounds into any home with a child under the age of six years. We now conduct video homechecks as part of our assessment procedure of potential adoptive homes. For families with young children, observing their reactions with a greyhound prior to adoption is critical for HUG, but at the moment it is not possible. Furthermore, at present we do not have any foster homes with children in residence which would enable us to gauge the reaction and body language of the dog while regularly interacting with children. As such, we are unable to facilitate such adoptions.

Please note we are only adopting dogs to homes on the island of Ireland.
Thank you for your ongoing support.

The HUG team

Please Note: HUG only adopts dogs into homes where the dog will live as part of the family, which means sleeping indoors at night and not being left outdoors for prolonged periods without supervision. If your schedule involves a work day away from home for a duration of more than 5 hours, we ask that you consider how you might plan to provide a toilet and interaction break for the dog during this time, such as with a visit from a friend, neighbour or dog walker, or potentially a dog daycare situation.

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If you have already had a homecheck from another rescue please give the details here (including the approximate date) as we may not need to do another homecheck.

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I understand that if I rehome a dog, he/she is to be rehomed as a house pet and is not to be kept kenneled or chained up. He/she will be a companion and not a guard dog or a racing or hunting dog. HUG will retain overall ownership of the dog and reserves the right to reclaim the dog if it is not being fed, housed or cared for satisfactorily. Should I ever need to find another home for the dog I will consult HUG about this before making any other arrangements for the dog.

I understand that, although HUG will provide all relevant information about the dog, a complete history is not always available.