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Hoping for a home: Fergus

Fergus has been in a fantastic foster home for a few months now and it’s been hugely helpful to bring him out of his shell and gain more confidence, a big difference from when he first arrived as a very nervous, shut-down boy. While he’s still easily spooked by sudden movements, he’s overall much more comfortable, approaching quietly for attention and cuddles. He’s doing well playing and running with his… Read More »Hoping for a home: Fergus

Hoping for a home: Scruff

Brindle boy Scruff is a gentle giant who gets along well with other dogs big and small. At five years old he’s now looking for a home to call his own, as his kennel mate Walter was recently adopted. If you are interested in adopting or fostering Scruff, please complete our application form and a HUG volunteer will be in touch shortly. Homecheck and adoption fee apply.

Hoping for a home: Ned

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HUG has had a surge in adoption applications just recently and the team is very busy working their way through them all. HUG has a couple of dogs that have been waiting a long time for a special home of their own. One of those dogs is Ned. May we please ask you when choosing a hound to think about Ned. He is a beautiful boy and is just waiting… Read More »Hoping for a home: Ned


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HUG is a registered charity run by volunteers and relying mainly on public donations. We also operate various sponsor schemes for anyone who is looking to donate on a regular basis.
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Could you foster a greyhound for HUG? The fostering process is critical to help acclimatize greyhounds to a home environment after life as a racing dog.Read More »Foster


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Are you interested in adopting a greyhound? Greyhounds make quiet, affectionate family pets suitable for various living circumstances.
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