I need a home

I need a home: Ariel

Ariel is a pretty girl with a beautiful shiny coat, born 2015. She has a lovely nature and will make a fantastic pet. She was retired from racing due to a damaged shoulder a year ago, so this gives her an odd gait when walking and running. Ariel travels well, and enjoys doing zoomies for short periods of time in the paddock. She is good with other greyhounds, and is… Read More »I need a home: Ariel

I need a home: Larry

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And still the handsome black males keep rolling in! Larry is a gentle 4 year old greyhound who retired from racing in October. He is the most friendly boy, who loves to bury his head in your chest for lots of love and affection. Larry is currently with his racing owner where he lives with other greyhounds and the resident small terrier. He has lovely tuxedo markings and a super… Read More »I need a home: Larry

I need a home: Luke

Luke is a handsome black boy looking for his forever home. Luke is around 26 inches to the shoulder and of a slim build. He is a very sociable boy and loves going out on his walks. His party trick is to stand on his hind legs against the kennel and get someone to rub his back for him. Luke was born in July 2014 and is the brother to… Read More »I need a home: Luke

I need a home: Carmac

Carmac is an amazingly handsome boy looking for his forever home. Caramc is 2.5 years old and stands 26 inches to the shoulder and weighs about 30kgs. Carmac is wary of people at the moment, but when he realises you can offer him safety and love, his heart starts to open. Carmac will take time to trust, quick movements will make him jump, so he will need a calm family… Read More »I need a home: Carmac

I need a home: Lucas

Lucas is a medium sized lurcher who is experienced living in a family home with children, small dogs and cats. He likes to go for a morning sprint in a safe field and then nap and eat throughout the day. He is toilet trained and can sit, stay, lie and shake a paw. He can be nervous with strangers and loud noises, so a quiet, calm home would suit him… Read More »I need a home: Lucas

I need a home: Womble

Say Hi to Womble folks. Womble was born in January 2014. This gentleman is now looking for his forever home. Womble would like a quiet home to retire to where he can chill out and get used to the home comfort. Womble is great on the lead and he loves to jump into the car with you. He has only been around greyhounds all of his life so would need… Read More »I need a home: Womble