Reserved for Ireland: Bailey

Reserved for Ireland: Bailey

Meet Bailey. Bailey is our special lad who is looking for a home with calm and understanding humans and no children. He is about 3 years old and is very scared. He has not had the best start in life and needs gentle encouragement at all times. There are certain breeds of dogs that Bailey is scared of and he will react by barking at them. Bailey will also chase cats.

Bailey needs time to trust and love and he is now used to the kennel staff where he is staying but we would love to move him into a foster home where he can get used to the good life and blossom.

You can see in the pictures he has a bone…he finally took it from me about 30 minutes of me being really still in his run with him…he loved it..He was curious of me but very scared also.

When I ignored him he came from behind me to have a sniff and to see what I was about. This boy so wants to love but at the moment is too scared to do so, but the HUG team do believe that there is a home out there for every hound and this boy is seeking that home

So if you think you would like this beautiful boy in your life to give him a chance then please spread his story far and wide and get in contact with us by completing our online adoption application.


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