Reserved for Ireland: Kerry

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Kerry is a beautiful girl both inside and out. She is a sensitive soul who can get a bit of a fright from unexpected noises. Considering the big change in environment she has adapted well to city life but her heart belongs in the country with less heavy traffic and more hound safe places to explore. She loves the beach and the forest but isn’t so keen on the busy town streets 🙂 Kerry is great on the lead and loves car rides. She has shown no signs of aggression but off leash dogs can scare her a little, so on occasion wears a muzzle if likely to encounter a lot of them, she wears it happily. She is very quiet, in three weeks I haven’t heard any sound from her and she sleeps all night through. She is exceptionally well house trained. She loves her walks, short or long and then snuggles in to the sofa for a nap. I think Kerry’s dream home would be in a rural location with a hound proof garden to play in. Ideally she needs another hound friend and an experienced hound owner would be a plus. Kerry needs a patient, gentle owner who has the time to bring her out of her shell. Although she is good with children of all ages, given her sensitive nature I feel older children or no children would be better for her. She is nervous around men so if there is a man in the family he needs to understand it will take even more time for her to bond with him.

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