Adopted in Ireland: Lawrence

Adopted in Ireland: Lawrence

Meet the handsome Lawrence. This boy has been retired from racing due to his lack of speed. Lawrence is about 28 inches to the shoulder and is in great condition. He is very calm and relaxed and get on with all other dogs . He has company of a Labrador and is chilled out with him too.

Lawrence enjoys his walks and loves to travel in the car too. He is a very loving boy who would love to find his forever home.

If you would like this fine lad in your family than please get in touch by completing our online adoption application.

2 thoughts on “Adopted in Ireland: Lawrence”

  • There is three of us living in a duplex and we would be interested in adopting a greyhound. Unfortunately, we do not have a full garden, but we have a fairly large, enclosed terrace. We’ve taken care of neighbours’ dogs for extended periods of time in the past. We live close to a few parks and would definitely be able to take the dog out to run at least once a day. Do you think that we would be elegible to adopt a greyhound?

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