I need a home: Lucas

Lucas is a medium sized lurcher who is experienced living in a family home with children, small dogs and cats. He likes to go for a morning sprint in a safe field and then nap and eat throughout the day. He is toilet trained and can sit, stay, lie and shake a paw. He can be nervous with strangers and loud noises, so a quiet, calm home would suit him best. Lucas is four years old. Lucas is a fantastic family companion and he is quiet most of the time. He can make an excellent guard dog as he barks at the door when strangers approach and really for some reason dislikes the postman. His favorite spot in the house is the top of the stairs were he will keep watch of the house, that is unless you have an open fire then he will sleep there and become a rug. Although he has lived with cats and small dogs in the past, he would need to be sensibly and carefully introduced to new animals in any future household. He also prefers slightly older and quiet children. Likes: Loves his head & belly rubbed. Enjoys cooked lambs heart and liver mixed to his food. Enjoy pig ears as treats. Staring out the window and barking at the postman Enjoys chasing a ball Dislikes: Sudden loud noises or simply loud noises. Strangers Walks If you are interested in adopting Lucas, please complete our online adoption application. Homecheck and adoption fee apply.

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