To learn more about greyhounds; the life they lead before going up for adoption and the joy they can bring to you, click on the links below.

Greyhound Rescue Association Ireland
Irish Greyhound Board – Adopting a Greyhound
Dogs Trust Ireland
Orchard Greyhound Sanctuary
PAWS Animal Rescue

United Kingdom
Kent Greyhound Rescue
Action for Greyhounds UK

Greyhound Rescue West of England
Greyhound Rescue UK
Greyhounds in Need UK
Greyhound Action UK
Greyhound Awareness League UK

American/European Greyhound Alliance
Dogs Trust UK
Battersea Dog & Cat Home UK

A Grey’s Home, Belgium
Great Hounds in Need, Czech Republic
Tieroase-Birkenschold, Germany

Veggie Dogs
For many vegetarians, the idea of having a dog who needs to eat meat can put you off having a dog. The good news is that dogs, including greyhounds, can be completely fit and healthy on a vegetarian diet and there are now several complete dogs foods which are vegetarian. Most large petstores sell at least one vegetarian dog food and there are several good websites offering information and products including veggiepets