Reserved for Italy: Evan

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Evan joins the Hug team in the hope that we can find him a comfy sofa to lay his head on. Evan is a brindle male greyhound who was born in 2016. Evan is injury free and is in great health, he is around 28 inches to the shoulder and weighs in at 80 lbs. Evan is with his owner at the moment and will come into us when we… Read More »Reserved for Italy: Evan

I need a home: Jack

Jack is a super friendly, 4 year old boy who is now looking for his forever home. He loves people, loves fuss, enjoys adventures, and travels well. Jack spends his time having fun with the resident Springer Spaniels and a Whippet, and introduced himself to a bouncy Labrador when having his photo shoot at the local park. He hasn’t been around children, but just wants to say hello to everyone… Read More »I need a home: Jack

I need a home: Carter

Meet Carter… Carter was born in February 2016 and is simply not fast enough. He is a fine brindle lad also looking for his forever home. Currently with his owner, Carter has not been around other breeds of dogs as he is in a racing kennel environment so careful introductions will need to be taken with him. Carter would benefit from having older children in the house 12+ as he… Read More »I need a home: Carter

Reserved for Belgium: Rocco

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Say hi to Rocco! Rocco was born in 2013 and is in great condition. Rocco stands 28 inches to the shoulder and weighs about 85lbs. Rocco would like to find his forever home. He is good on the lead and loves to travel with you in the car. He is good with other greyhounds but has not been around smaller dogs or cats. Rocco is currently with his owner at… Read More »Reserved for Belgium: Rocco

Reserved for Ireland: Kerry

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Kerry is a beautiful girl both inside and out. She is a sensitive soul who can get a bit of a fright from unexpected noises. Considering the big change in environment she has adapted well to city life but her heart belongs in the country with less heavy traffic and more hound safe places to explore. She loves the beach and the forest but isn’t so keen on the busy… Read More »Reserved for Ireland: Kerry

I need a home: Snoopy

At only 20 months old Snoopy is looking for his forever home. This fabulous boy is currently living with other greyhounds, so would need introducing to other breeds of dog. Snoopy is full of lovely little speckles and freckles, and has a tail that never stops wagging. He is so excited to see what the world has to offer, and would love a nice comfy sofa to relax on. We… Read More »I need a home: Snoopy