Legacy Donations

HUG aspires to a time when all greyhounds in Ireland can live a full and content life as a valued family pet, far beyond their short span as a racing commodity. Since 2002, HUG volunteers have been working towards raising the profile of greyhounds in Ireland and finding loving, suitable adoptive homes for the many dogs in our care. With generous public support through fundraising and donations, HUG has been able to increase the number of dogs homed in Ireland each year, which has led to greater awareness and appreciation of the breed as pet dogs.

One way you can make a lasting contribution to our ongoing efforts to rescue Irish racing greyhounds is to consider leaving a legacy gift to HUG when preparing your will. Legacies can take many forms, such as a portion of an estate, a specific sum or item. Since HUG is a registered charity in the Republic of Ireland (CRA 20076115), your gift is tax free. For more details on how legacy donations work, you can visit mylegacy.ie or contact accounts@homesforunwantedgreyhounds.ie.

Your gift will have a lasting effect of supporting the greyhounds in HUG’s care and will go towards operating costs such veterinary fees, kennels, food, transport and insurance, to help us help greyhounds for many years to come.