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Long Term Foster Dog Pearl

Pearl’s Story

Pearl and her foster brother Finn

HUG knew that it would be tricky to find a forever home for Pearl, who came into our care at almost eleven years of age. Most of her life had been spent raising dozens of puppies, and she deserved some sofa time and cuddles in her twilight years. Unfortunately, her advanced age plus some immediate and ongoing health issues would have left any potential adoptive family with a large vet bill. The solution was to find a foster home for Pearl.

HUG covers Pearl’s vet bills, food and other necessary expenses. As you can see, she is enjoying her new lifestyle to the full! She will stay in her foster home for the remainder of her years.

Pearl is a natural on the sofa

Foster mum Noelle says: She is such a sweet and intelligent hound. She simply walked into the house and into our hearts. Within half an hour, she had found the best seat on the sofa and has claimed it as her own. She sleeps there for most of the night, then comes up into the bedroom a few hours before breakfast to say good morning with a lick on my hand.

She came straight from life in a kennel, so had never seen stairs before! We helped introduce her to going upstairs on the first night. She trusted us to help her, even though everything was new. In the morning, my husband was cooking the breakfast fry and she got downstairs all by herself to the kitchen! Clever girl.

Enjoying her homemade cake on her 11th birthday!

Pearl loves sunning herself in the garden and chewing on a big meaty bone. She does a delightful dance when you give her treats or put on her lead for a walk. She also enjoys bubble baths, the hairdryer and girlie pamper sessions. I think this yummy mummy is making up for lost time! She also had no problem slotting into the family alongside Finn, our 9 year old male greyhound. But she loves my husband most of all. She comes up and lies on him when we’re watching a film together on the sofa. She’s well-named: an absolute Pearl.

Pearl was very popular at Pet Expo 2019


HUG appreciates all donations towards Pearl’s long term care. If you are able to donate, please click on the button below.

Pearl and fab foster mum Noelle

Foster brother Finn enjoyed the cake as well!